Junior Golf Program - Golf Fore Kids

The Ridge Golf Club is dedicated to offering a junior golf program that develops junior golfers of the area not only for golf skills, but also life lessons that golf encompasses. In developing the goals for the Junior Golf Program at The Ridge Golf Club an appreciation must be had for the educational potential that exists in the game of Golf. Golf presents many opportunities to cultivate the social, physical, emotional and mental development of the participant. Our intention is to offer many positive learning experiences for all participants. Junior golfers will learn to play the game to the best of their ability. We will teach golf skills, proper etiquette, rules of golf, competition strategies with an encouragement to play and practice. These skills will contribute to the junior's life skills along with other positive character values. This program will be centered on the lead in instruction of your PGA Golf Professional, Matt Nice.

We will be utilizing the curriculum and resources available through this nationwide program to expose all juniors to the game while improving their skills.  The charity All Kids Can is providing scholarships ensuring anyone who has interest in the Golf Fore Kids may participate.  Please contact The Ridge Golf Shop at 712-722-4866 for contact information for All Kids Can.

To encourage Junior's to take advantage of our wonderful facility the program will utilize a point system designed to encourage students to not only attend our programs, but play and practice on their own. The point system we will be using will be called "The Ridge Junior Tour Money List", and each student that signs up for the program will be awarded "$2,000.00" for signing up. Junior's are eligible to grow their earnings by accomplishing different goals throughout the year such as practice, playing, and achieving goal scores. Competition days will be structured like a tour event with each student paying an "entry fee" from their earnings and eligible for the "prize purse" to be paid out for the top finishers within each group. At the end of the year The Ridge will host an awards banquet recognize each group's "Tour Championship Champion" and the final "Leading Tour Money Winner". All participants will receive a hat and bag tag indicating their status in the Junior Golf Program.

The juniors will be separated into four age groups. These groups will determine how many holes the play in their tour events. The groups will go as follows:

12-13 years old: Zach Johnson Group - 9 holes

10-11 years old: JB Holmes Group - 5 holes

8-9 years old: Sergio Garcia Group - 3 holes

6-7 years old: Phil Mickelson Group - 2 holes

We also greatly encourage parental involvement in the program. Volunteers to follow juniors during "Ridge Tour Events" are greatly appreciated in assisting with basic rules and accurate scoring. If you are interested in assisting please notify the Golf Shop as soon as possible.

If there are any questions or comments please contact Matt Nice at The Ridge Golf Shop. Thank you and I look forward to seeing your junior golfers this summer.