Residential Real Estate

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The first phase includes 115 lots, both on-course and off-course. Currently 97 lots are sold leaving 6 off-course lots and 12 on-course lots that are for sale. All lots are developed with off-course lots listed at $36,000 and on-course lots ranging from $65,000 to $77,000. For 2017, there is a discount being offered; $5,750 off of the listed price for off-course lots and $11,500 off of the listed price for on-course lots. There are also two condo sites offered by private developers, Summerset and Teres View, both with on-course and off-course condos

For more information on residential real estate, please contact:

Paul Clousing: 712-441-0672,

Rob Kroese: 712-722-3375,