The Ridge Course Facts

Men's Course Ratings

Black Tees

18-Hole Rating/Slope: 75.1/132
Front 9 Rating/Slope: 36.8/123
Back 9 Rating/Slope: 38.3/140

Gold Tees

18-Hole Rating/Slope: 73.0/127
Front 9 Rating/Slope: 35.6/122
Back 9 Rating/Slope: 37.4/132

Blue Tees

18-Hole Rating/Slope: 70.7/119
Front 9 Rating/Slope: 34.8/114
Back 9 Rating/Slope: 35.9/123

White Tees

18-Hole Rating/Slope: 68.5/117
Front 9 Rating/Slope: 33.6/116
Back 9 Rating/Slope: 34.9/118

Burgundy Tees

18-Hole Rating/Slope: 70.7/117(w)
Front 9 Rating/Slope: 35.0/116
Back 9 Rating/Slope: 35.7/118

Course Rating is a number that reflects what a zero handicap (scratch) golfer would shoot under normal conditions on a given golf course. Course ratings generally run between 69.0 and 75.0, and can end in an odd decimal.

Slope is a number that reflects the difference between what a scratch golfer would shoot compared to what a bogey golfer would shoot on a given golf course. The higher the slope number, the bigger the difference between what the scratch golfer would shoot compared to the bogey golfer.

Course Designer/Developer

The Ridge Golf Course was designed by Jerry Slack & Associates, Inc. of Tulsa, Oklahoma, and was developed by Landscapes Unlimited of Lincoln, Nebraska.